Flight of the Crow written by Paul Clayton

Calling Crow once had all a man could ask for in a lifetime. Not too long before he had a home among the Muskogee people and plans for a long future. He was a brave and respected leader, chief of his tribe. But all that was gone now. The life Calling Crow was born to live disappeared when he was captured and enslaved by the Spanish people.

Now even though Calling Crow escaped the grueling tortures of slavery and made it back to his home land, his nightmares were far from over. Instead of celebrating the welcome of his people, he was running from them. The deadly fever he carried back from Spain turned Calling Crow into the enemy of the Muskogee and he was now forced to start a new life far from the one he once knew.

Calling Crow decided to begin his new life by searching for the woman he fell in love with and whom was carrying his child. He headed south along the coast toward what would someday be Florida where he knew she would be.

Paul Clayton once again keeps us on the edge of our seats with this sequential novel about about the brave Muskogee Chief. The obstacles he presents this 16th century native are no less adventurous in Flight of the Crow than in his first book, Calling Crow. Every step of his new journey leaves you breathless. From wrestling aligators to fighting temptations, Calling Crow’s heart never skips a beat. He fights to keep peace, he fights to stay alive and proves to be a true hero of his time. But with all of his battles and wisdom, the young warrior can’t defeat the most challenging of enemies – change. It all changes in the end. Another lifetime lived, another about to begin

If you miss this one, you will be depriving yourself of one exciting ride. Paul Clayton has a rare talent of painting a picture with such clarity that you lose yourself inside of it. Don’t just learn history, live it.

Madison Morrison