Review: Hard to Love by Kendall Ryan

I got caught up in the buzz around this book’s release and downloaded it immediately.

From the premise what was there not to love, tattooed cage fighter? yes please. porn star? well that’s a new one for me. Bad boy who has a caring side? yum!

This was my first book by Kendall Ryan so I went in blind, eager to to be impressed.

”Dammit. I knew a four-hour erection wasn’t normal.” Quite possibly one of the funniest opening lines to a book ever. If this doesn’t make you continue to read on what will?

We are introduced to Cade and Alexa. Cade has been left to raise his little sister on his own. His six year old little sister has additional support needs and to ensure the medical bills are covered he decides to embark on a career as an ‘adult entertainer’.

Alexa is a prim and proper nursing student. She comes from a wealthy background but decides she wants to forge a career for herself hence the nursing.

From their initial interaction there is instant attraction and following a chance meeting in the club, Alexa gets drunk and admits she wants to lose her virginity to the porn star.

I would say the relationship progressed a little too quickly for my liking. Within the first visit to Cade’s home, Alexa was a little bit over familiar with her surroundings and his little sister. I didn’t realise this was a short novel and at around 50% I noted that not much had in fact happened to be halfway through the book.

The real problem for me was the length of the story. I don’t think I had enough time with both Cade and Alexa to connect with them separately and as a couple therefore when their declarations of love and longing were made I didn’t find it believable. (I think they had only met on a handful of dates at this time).

I also felt a bit short changed with Cade. Sure he was described as this hot tattooed bad boy but I felt his monologue contradicted this. “Since Alexa had been gone, food had lost its flavor. Days blended into weeks.”

I questioned some of the phrases he said as I thought they would have been best suited in Alexa’s point of view.

He was also described as a cage fighter although upon reading he doesn’t actually partake in this as it is too dangerous due to the fact he is responsible for his little sister. And the subject wasn’t really mentioned in the book.

The fact that he was a porn star intrigued me as I was interested to see how this would play in the relationship. This was explored, however to make this a unique point for this character and book I would have liked it to be developed further.

I feel my review could have been different if I had known this was going to be a short, sweet read. As I was expecting more I believe that is what left me a little disappointed. I will however read more of Kendall Ryan’s books in the future as I enjoyed her writing style and would like to be able to compare books.

This is a very quick read and if you are looking for a tale of love involving a bad boy then this book ticks those boxes.

Madison Morrison